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cover - Sammy Goes Flying

book imageOut now on Kindle - an electronic version of the five entertaining stories from Nightingale school  

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cover - Sammy Goes Flying

A new version of Sammy Goes Flying

book imageSammy Goes Flying

by Odette Elliott, Georgina McIntyre (Illustrator)
Tamarind Books 2011  
ISBN 978 1 848 53050 8

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cover - My Big Brother JJ

logoMy Big Brother JJ

by Odette Elliott,  illustrated by Patrice Aggs
Tamarind Books, September 2009    
ISBN 978-1848530072

It is half term holiday.  Jasmine’s and JJ’s mother has to go to work.  Teenager JJ is in charge.  He thinks of lots of fun things for him and Jasmine to do together.  On the last day they decide to make something for Mum.
Will it work?

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Amazon 5 star review by Susanna (Scotland) - :
“A charming family story for young children”, 3 Jan 2010

My big brother JJ is a delightful book, much loved by my young grandchildren. The story is vividly written by Odette Elliott and wonderfully illustrated by Patrice Aggs. Young children will easily relate to the situation where Mum has to work during half term and big brother JJ has to look after little sister Jasmine for the week. The children enjoy a range of activities both at home and outside. The different adventures each day are simply evoked and reflect the children's close relationship, illustrated by delightful facial expressions in the pictures. While somewhat resenting his duties and being embarrassed in public, teenager JJ finds lots of interesting ways to keep his sister amused. Jasmine has a wonderful time at the fair and the circus, shown in bright and colourful illustrations. The children's plan to surprise Mum leads them to share a secret from her, a situation which children will find fascinating. The surprise nearly ends in trouble, but all turns out well and everyone is happy by the final pages. The story is clearly written in simple sentences with a range of appropriate vocabulary. It will be enjoyed by children of around 6 - 8 years who are able to read it themselves or by slightly younger ones who will love to hear it read aloud to them. I can thoroughly recommend this book to young children, their parents and grandparents.


To enjoy this delightful book about Jasmine and her nice big brother JJ, children don't have to have a working mum, to know what it's like to run out of ideas for fun activities at half-term, or to come from a black or mixed race family. However, those who do will find a rare opportunity to relate to recognisable modern-day characters. But this is not an exclusive book. The story is entertaining for all younger children, the writing by Odette Elliott is lively, straightforward and never patronises, while Patrice Aggs' illustrations make a perfect complement to the words. You should buy this book for your child, your grandchild, or your local school library. –

Doris Bancroft

cover - Nightingale Newsbook imageNightingale News: 5 Stories About Our School

(Young Hippo School)
Scholastic 1996 
ISBN 9 780590 136303

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cover - Under Sammy's Bedbook imageUnder Sammy's Bed

by Odette Elliott and Amanda Welch (Illustrator)
Andre Deutsch 1989
ISBN 978-0140541861

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cover - Sammy Goes Flyingbook imageSammy Goes Flying

by Odette Elliott, Georgina McIntyre (Illustrator)
Tamarind Books 2011  
ISBN 978 1 848 53050 8

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cover - Sammy's Christmas Workshopbook imageSammy's Christmas Workshop

by Odette Elliott, Amanda Welch (Illustrator)
(Hardcover Andre Deutsch - Sep 1992)
ISBN 9 780590 540773

(Paperback Scholastic 1994)
ISBN 9 780590 556859

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cover - Sammy and the Telly(Out of print - may be difficult to find)

book imageSammy and the Telly

by Odette Elliott, Amanda Welch (Illustrator)
Scholastic 1991 
ISBN 9 780233 986685